Environmental News

A curated set of environmental news stories brought to you by the Gottlieb Native Garden team.


Diane Shader Smith

Non-native bees discovered in Canada may pose serious threat to native mason bee populations

This artist re-creates California wildflowers in a stunning Instagram art showcase

Cultivating community through a California native plants garden

Students study the history and culture of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe by tending a native plants garden field project in a new teaching space near the Stanford Dish.

Dos Rios Ranch set to be newest California park

December 2022 California Department Of Fish And Wildlife Calendar

Two California Plants Saved From Extinction by Endangered Species Act

Here’s a plant for the garden you’ll never, ever need to water

You — yes, you! — can help the planet. Start in your backyard.

California Climate Plan Scraps New Gas Plants, Expands Carbon Capture for Fossil Fuels

Grow it! Creating a monarch and pollinator waystation