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Diane Shader Smith

Quebec communities help endangered monarchs with butterfly-friendly plants

Plant it and they will come. That is the way of thinking for a growing community of volunteers behind the Butterflyway Project.

Create a hummingbird habitat in your garden with colorful drought-tolerant California native plants

On a recent morning, a tiny Allen’s hummingbird guarded an entire row of California native plants, chasing off competitors that ventured too close to his blooms.

Getting started with sustainable landscaping

Want to save the butterflies and bees? Start with your own backyard.

Migratory monarch butterfly now Endangered – IUCN Red List

All surviving sturgeon species – also migratory, found across the northern hemisphere – are now at risk of extinction due to dams and poaching, pushing the world’s most Critically Endangered group of animals yet closer to the brink. 

Butterflies take flight in Laguna Beach thanks to habitat gardens

The migratory monarch butterfly was placed on the endangered species list on Thursday by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Forests in the American West Need More “Good Fire.” Tribes Can Help.

On May 20, the U.S. Forest Service announced a 90-day “pause” on prescribed fires.

Plant of the Month: White Sage

An important part of Indigenous spirituality and identity, the aromatic evergreen shrub is being threatened by poachers and over-commercialization.

Restoring Earth with native plants

Scheidt is now the executive director for the California Native Plant Society, but he’s been coming to Marian Bear Memorial Park since he was a kid

Griffith Park native plant garden serves to inspire and educate

Walking through the demonstration garden surrounding the LA Parks Foundation headquarters in Griffith Park is inspiring for gardeners new to native plants. 

Can Desalination Be a Solution for Drought in SoCal?

As California scrambles to conserve water, desalination plants, facilities that use reverse osmosis filters to purify seawater and transform it into drinking water, have increasingly become part of the discussion.