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Diane Shader Smith

Environmentalists sue to block demolition of the California Capitol annex

An environmental group said Friday it is suing several state agencies to block the demolition of the California Capitol annex, a warren of executive and legislative offices on the east wing of the statehouse that is scheduled to be overhauled in the next four years.

Goats: unlikely allies in California’s fight against wildfires

Goats are an unlikely but increasingly popular weapon in California’s fight against the wildfires that rage through the western US state every year.

How will the West solve a water crisis if climate change continues to get worse?

Megadrought and climate change is making water even more scarce in the West.

How plants survive through the heat

What happens to a plant when the thermometer tops 100 degrees? Planning for more hot weather this summer is a requirement for a successful garden. Are there some plants that can survive tough times more easily?

Plant poachers in search of succulents threaten state’s biodiversity

In recent years, poachers have ripped thousands of pounds of dudleya from California coastlines, shipping them overseas for high profits. Some are rare species, found nowhere else on Earth.

Growing veggies in pots is easy, once you know these 6 secrets

If growing vegetables were like growing California native plants, we would all be farmers, rejoicing in our plenty. But here is the bald truth about growing food: You can’t just put it in a pretty pot and walk away.

California’s Native Blue Oak Faces Destruction Due to Worsening Drought

A new study released Monday found that recent years of drought in California devastated the state’s blue oak woodlands, destroying more than 460 square miles of blue oak, a tree only found in the Golden State.

Use native and food-producing plants to transform lawns into diverse ecological beauties

Many interested in homegrown fruits and vegetables, native plants and the survival of crucial pollinators continue to transform grass-only spaces. 

Adding these 13 plants, not bird feeders, could help save the birds

Attention wildlife fans: If you want to help support wild bird populations, you might want to rethink the bird feeder.

The Ditty Bag hopes to bring focus to sustainable sales, environmental education

Those who visit can stop for a friendly conversation, ask about any products or even try a sample from the detergents and other products that consumers can purchase by the ounce if they would like.