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Diane Shader Smith

The 8 Best Perennial Flowers to Plant in Southern California

In New Jersey, a Push for Native Plants Led by Rep. Mikie Sherrill and Sierra Club Aims to Revitalize Ecosystems

California native planting – 7 ideas for drought-tolerant flora

Discover the most resilient planting native to the drought-prone and desert regions of The Golden State

Native wildflowers that thrive after fire are facing new challenges

Car Fumes, Weeds Pose Double Whammy for Fire-Loving Native Plants

Grow For It! Easy garden friendly California native plants

Sonoma Botanical Garden launches fire, water wise California native plant project

February gardening: Wet weather is the perfect time to add native plants to your landscape

Volunteers are part of the University of California’s Cooperative Extension program and we are trained to use research-based information to educate our fellow residents on sustainable gardening and landscaping practices specifically for our area.

Many California native plants adapt to fire. Some are threatened by it.

Tom Karwin, On Gardening | Redesigning garden beds