Environmental News

A curated set of environmental news stories brought to you by the Gottlieb Native Garden team.


Diane Shader Smith

Celebrate National Native Plant Month

Residents and local governments explore adding native plants for wildlife and pollinator habitat

Plant This, Not That 

Pretty alternatives to invasive species

Where to celebrate Earth Day along the Peninsula

Here’s a guide to Earth Day festivals, rallies, tours, films and more. Unless otherwise noted, events are free.

Help Save California’s Native Wildlife And Plant Species When Filing Your Taxes

You can have a positive impact on these key issues affecting California’s native species when you donate to CDFW’s tax check-off funds on your California State Income Tax Form 540.

On Gardening: Discovering and adding succulents

Succulent plants are native to various regions with long periods of dry climates, and have evolved to store moisture in their leaves, stems, or roots

Occidental is Eyeing California’s Clean Fuels Market to Fund Texas Carbon Removal Plant

The oil company plans to remove carbon from the atmosphere and pump it into the ground to extract oil in the Permian Basin. Some climate activists fear the new technology is a cover for continuing to sell oil.

Are Western Monarchs on the Rebound?

Last year’s numbers were good, but no one knows if the trend will continue

California plan would pay farmers to grow less to save water

California would pay farmers not to plant thousands of acres of land as part of a $2.9 billion plan to let more water flow in the the state’s rivers.

Newsom imposes new California water restrictions – leaves details to locals

Still resisting statewide water rationing for parched California, Gov. Gavin Newsom is asking local suppliers to tighten water limits.

Researchers Create Nanoparticles to Address Environmental Problems

Stony Brook researchers, in collaboration with Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) scientists and the U.S. Air Force Laboratory, have developed a new generation of nanoparticles to address environmental problems.