Meet the Team

Susan Gottlieb is a visionary and environmentalist renowned for her creation of the Gottlieb Native Garden, a remarkable oasis in the heart of California. With a passion for native plants and their vital role in preserving biodiversity, Susan has dedicated herself to cultivating a space that celebrates the natural wonders of the region and serves as a sanctuary teeming with diverse species of birds, insects, and other wildlife, providing them with crucial habitats and food sources. Beyond its ecological importance, the garden also serves as an educational and inspirational destination, where visitors can learn about the value of native plants, sustainable gardening practices, and the vital role they play in protecting the environment. The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story, by Mallory Smith, which features Susan’s captivating and awe-inspiring photography, is a testament to what the garden has accomplished. Her efforts inspire others to embrace native and sustainable gardening practices and appreciate the intricate relationships between humans and the natural world.

Scott Logan’s knowledge of birds has enabled him to identify and document the diverse bird species that call the Gottlieb Native Garden home, as well as those that visit during migration seasons. His ability to recognize their distinct calls, observe their nesting habits, and understand their ecological roles provides invaluable insights into the avian community within the garden. Scott's expertise extends to other fauna that inhabit the garden. He is well-versed in identifying and appreciating the various insects, butterflies, and other wildlife that rely on the native plant species for sustenance and habitat. Scott’s participation in ongoing University projects being conducted in the garden, as well as collaboration with museums and research institutions continues to expand his understanding of the intricate relationships between fauna and flora that is critical to the garden's overall ecological health.

Diane Shader Smith’s ability to articulate the garden's story and its positive impact on the environment has played a crucial role in attracting attention, support, and recognition for this remarkable property that has been celebrated worldwide. She worked closely with Susan to create a series of books about the garden, the Gottlieb Native Garden open lecture series, a podcast that was co-produced with the Los Angeles International Zoo, and the upcoming documentary that will serve as a platform for learning about native and sustainable gardening practices, water conservation, and the crucial role that native plants play in maintaining ecological balance.