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Diane Shader Smith

Digital Science Saturday — Magnificent Monarchs

Let’s celebrate the return of Pacific Grove’s monarch butterfly population during Science Saturday Magnificent Monarchs. Get an up close view of live butterflies, follow their migration, and learn how to garden with butterflies in mind.

Signs of life: Animals return to parks burned by Glass fire

When the glass fire seared through portions of Sonoma County’s Hood Mountain Regional Park in September, it left little in its wake: Once-stately pines and oaks stood starkly amid seared chaparral, and the ever-present chatter of chirping birds was replaced by an eerie silence. Two months after the devastating fires, life and wildlife are returning to an area they call home.

Researchers are trying to save a vulnerable California frog species using cutting-edge AI

A landfill isn’t exactly the most romantic location. But behind the mounds of garbage in Santa Cruz, California, a stagnant pond has the ambiance that one amphibian needs to get in the mood.

Tule elk, kit fox and horned owls, oh my! Three places to spot animals in California

Here are three open spaces where you can spot animals while remaining socially distanced from others.

Arctic Wildlife Are Shifting Their Behaviors Due to Climate Change

The new, collaborative data archive tracks nearly 100 species over the last three decades

Seeing Clouds Clearly: Are They Cooling Us Down or Heating Us Up?

Though scientists know that clouds are critical to the climate system, their exact role is still uncertain. New studies are starting to fill in the knowledge gap.

On Birds and Belonging

Growing up in the Philippines, Justine Villanueva shares her journey of leaving her homeland and healing her belonging through decolonization, learning to dwell, and connecting to birds.

Requiem for Lost Plants

Requiem for Lost Plants aims to shine a light on how whole ecological communities have been uprooted without acknowledgement as a result of the colonization and urbanization of Tongva, Chumash, and Kizh land in Los Angeles.

As crises collide, can California meet its climate goals?

Against a backdrop of rising environmental anxiety, with wildfires lasting longer, spreading further and damaging more acreage and communities than ever before, the pandemic triggered a sharp recession and spike in unemployment. 

An Indigenous Effort to Return Condors to the Pacific Northwest Nears Its Goal

The Yurok Tribe plans to soon reintroduce North America’s largest bird to northern California, where the raptor hasn’t soared for a century.