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Diane Shader Smith

Retired faculty member Linda Anderson connects to her nature-loving roots volunteering at the Arboretum

Banking California desert plant seeds for the future

The California Desert makes up about 28% of the state’s land area and contains about 38% of the native plant species within the state.

Fighting an aggressive weed made me realize my garden is full of invasive species

Troy Road property owner says he wants yard to be part of city effort

What are native plants, and why are they so crucial to our ecosystems?

Plant of the month: Beebrush

A lovely, lacy larger shrub, the beebrush (Aloysia gratissima) is a beautiful choice for any yard that wants to attract pollinators. It is also known as whitebrush or Texas whitebrush.

Native Plants Are In Decline. This SoCal Conservation Group Has A Unique Seed Program To Save Them

After 40 years homeless, Ocean Beach native plant gardener set to move into housing

California Flora: Native plant nursery thrives in wine country

High summer in the native plant garden | The Real Dirt

The dog days of summer are a muted, in-between time in the native garden. Dry-climate plants have developed strategies for coping with high summer, whether on a rocky ledge in the foothills or in your back yard.