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Diane Shader Smith

Over the Garden Fence – The Partnership Between Humans and Nature During Fire Recovery

At Yosemite, a Preservation Plan That Calls for Chainsaws

With treasured forests perennially threatened by fierce wildfires, many experts say it’s time to cut and burn protectively. A lawsuit is standing in the way.

U.S. Senators Susan Collins, and Maria Cantwell Bill to Restore Native Plants in National Parks Advances

Last week, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee advanced the Native Plant Species Pilot Program Act, bipartisan legislation introduced by U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) to promote the use of native plants.


Santa Barbara County released its Agricultural Crop Report and showed a $1.9 Billion value of agricultural production last year with strawberries leading the charge.

Explained: What is making California’s wildfires so deadly?

As the American state battles the blaze, here is what making them deadlier and bigger each year

California poised to restrict bee-killing pestocides

Widely used insecticides that harm bees and songbirds would face far-reaching restrictions in California under regulations proposed by the state’s pesticide agency.

Why the California Dream Long Included a Lawn

State Votes to Protect Imperiled Wildflower Threatened by California Gold Mining

Milkweed for monarchs: Local plant giveaways aim to sustain butterfly

Hundreds of Ventura County residents are converging on events to pick up free native milkweed plants that support monarch butterflies and provide an alternative to a recently banned nonnative milkweed harmful to monarchs.

Why Some of Your Annuals Should Be Native Plants

Say the word “annuals” and most gardeners think of subtropical plants like petunias or marigolds. But native annuals do so much more for your garden.