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Diane Shader Smith

To Help Birds This Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work

A manicured lawn might look nice, but messy is better for birds and bugs.

How Chickens Could Inspire New Treatments for Deafness

Birds can’t lose their hearing. So why do we?

These Researchers Are Using AI Drones to More Safely Track Wildlife

WildTrack can identify individual animals with 95% accuracy, all without getting up close or using camera traps. 

Grand Canyon reports record number of condor chicks hatched

Grand Canyon National Park documented the fifth wild hatched California condor chick in the Southwestern wild population Oct. 10, making it an annual record number of chicks, or nestlings, within the region.

See the incredible National Wildlife Magazine 2019 photo contest winners

Wildlife photographers capture incredible images around the world — and the National Wildlife Federation is once again honoring the best of the best.

Meet the California man trying to save honeybees by building them hives

The staggering decline of honey bee colonies has alarmed experts across the United States, but an unconventional apiculturist in California thinks he has found a way to save them.

Turning a New Leaf: Rethinking Leaves.

Leaf blowers, mulching mowers, and rakes can harm wildlife’s odds of survival.

Northern California’s coasts are turning into underwater deserts

Urchin barrens are the new normal in the once-flourishing ecosystem.

Will butterflies be free to fly at Dunes Beach?

he monarch is threatened by habitat loss as well as climate change, and their numbers have plunged during the past couple of decades. 

Kelp forests being felled off California coast

Marine ‘heat waves’ starving fisheries