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Diane Shader Smith

‘Plant blindness’ is a real thing: why it’s a real problem too

There’s a name for this inability to notice or recognise plants in one’s own environment: “plant blindness”. Part of the reason for this is that urban dwellers have been separated from nature; there’s a disconnect between us and the environment, and we’re blind to the natural world around us.

Role of sea urchins on California kelp

The new research provides valuable information to understand and protect California’s quintessential kelp forests

It’s not just wildflowers—rain brings millions of painted lady butterflies to Southern California

The butterflies are feasting on plants as they travel north from Mexico

Iconic Forests Reaching Climate Tipping Points in American West, Study Finds

Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir forests are struggling to regrow after wildfires in parts of the West as temperatures rise and the air and soil become drier.

Meet the woman searching for planet Earth’s twin

Munazza Alam didn’t grow up gazing at the stars. But an inspiring teacher and a passion for math led her to dive deep into the hunt for habitable planets.

It’s not just bears: These hibernating animals may surprise you

Here are some hibernators that are a lot more unexpected than the average bear.

Bald eagle lays egg in Southern California mountains

An egg has been laid in a nest shared by two bald eagles in Southern California and nature lovers will anxiously watch for the hatching via an online live feed .

For World Wildlife Day 2019, The United Nations Hones In On The Problem Of Ocean Plastic

World Wildlife Day celebrates the wide diversity of plants and animals across the planet while raising awareness about the threats facing them.

The Senate Just Passed a Bill Protecting National Parks and We Couldn’t Be Happier

On February 12, the U.S. Senate passed the Natural Resources Management Act, which designates 1.3 million acres of wilderness for environmental protection.

California retired woman nurses hummingbirds back to health

A retired nurse in California is back to nursing, but she’s not nursing humans.