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Diane Shader Smith

Right Plant, Right Place with Scott Cher

Knowing native habitats can help you choose the right plants for your place. This course discusses local plant communities and their conditions, as well as how to assess the conditions of your garden site, including climate, soil, sunlight and space


If we want to understand how our decisions shape the world around us, we can start by simply paying attention to what insects are doing in our own neighborhoods.

Learn to recognize the wildlife out your window

With careful observation, you can start to recognize a particular squirrel, or that certain cardinal pair that hangs out on your feeder.

Poppy Hour

In light of stay-at-home measures, the Theodore Payne Foundation hosted a live virtual garden tour, broadcasted on Instagram. The event was so popular, the Foundation launched a new Poppy Hour Broadcast airing Fridays from 5:30-6:30 pm.

Audubon California Urges Beachgoers to Share the Shore with Nesting Birds

As beaches across Southern California partially reopen ahead of a warm Mother’s Day weekend, shorebirds need help protecting their nests.

A Popular California Flora, or a Manual of Botany for Beginners, Containing Descriptions of Exogenous Plants Growing in Central California, and Westward to the Ocean

For California Flora book collectors — a first edition, hardcover from 1879 highlighting the popular California Flora.  Features include descriptions of exogenous plants growing in Central California.

Six Ways to Support Wild Birds at Home

Birds need our help. Since 1970, the North American bird population has lost almost 3 billion breeding adultsa loss of 29 percent over just fifty years.

Fireflies: Getting to Know the Jewels of the Night

Join Candace Fallon, Senior Endangered Species Conservation Biologist with the Xerces Society, as she takes us into the world of the firefly. 

Western Glide Butterfly Kit

This kit will help you/your family start a garden with the right plants and a water source for monarchs to thrive. Choose the regional option for the native milkweed for your state. 

Audubon for Kids!

This page aims to bring together activities from across Audubon’s national network of environmental educators, including the classroom curriculum Audubon Adventures, plus related DIY activities and content from Audubon’s editors.