The Naturalist’s Journal

What's Happening "Fauna-wise" in the Garden

As the Gottlieb Native Garden’s naturalist, Scott Logan documents the ever-changing array of wildlife species as they vary with the garden’s blooms, seasons and migratory patterns. While bringing these observations to life for all to experience, he also coordinates scientific research projects, and monitors the overall health and biodiversity of the garden. The Naturalist’s Journal also highlights the work the Gottliebs and Scott are doing to educate and inspire people to start gardening for wildlife with native plants.

Hummingbird Feeds on Manzanita

Hummingbird feeders have always been a conspicuous part of the GNG, occasionally feeding over a hundred birds at a time! Wild birds are happy to exploit an easy meal, but that doesn’t mean they stop feeding on native food sources. Here an Anna’s Hummingbird dines on nectar […]

Cat and Aggressive Great Horned Owl

With Bobcats, Coyotes, Gray Foxes and Great Horned Owls around the GNG, this neighbor’s house cat is going to go through its 9 lives very quickly!


This was a very exciting remote camera-capture, as we have had no evidence of Bobcats being in the GNG for more than four years now.  Not the best photo ever, but documented nevertheless!  We really hope this big cat wasn’t just passing through and will […]

Great Horned Owl Fledgling

Tune-in to your surroundings while spending time in your garden – you just might find someone has tuned-in to you!

Animals Leave Clues…

…and a feather is a good one.  We found this down feather blowing in the breeze recently.  The color scheme of faint brownish stripes against pale-yellow on this large down feather points to Great Horned Owl.  We’ll keep alert for other signs that this raptor […]

White-lined Sphinx Moths

During a nocturnal GNG species review a few weeks ago, we were surprised at how many White-lined Sphinx moths were seen during the evening. Over two-dozens of these large, beautiful moths were attracted to our UV light sheets.  Seeing all of these adults was a […]

Yikes – So Many Crane Flies!

With all of the rain that we had this past winter came crane flies (their larvae, for the most part, feed on moist dead plant matter).  Seems that anywhere you look, there they are. Crane flies are in the family Tipulidae, one of the largest […]

Spring is Still in the Air

Two Band-tailed Pigeons enjoy a quiet moment together…

Voice of the Chaparral

The Wrentit is long-lived, year-round resident of coastal scrub and chaparral throughout the western US. Wrentits hold the distinction as being the most sedentary species of birds in North America, with an average territory of a couple hundred square yards. Pairs are exceedingly faithful to […]

Happy to see a Snake in the Garden

Gopher snakes, as with most snakes, should be a welcome sight to any homeowner. Gopher snakes are active almost any time of day or night during warm periods. They make their living on mostly small mammals, especially pocket gophers, rats, moles and mice. Gopher snakes are constrictors, […]