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Diane Shader Smith

Editorial: L.A. wasn’t built in the desert, but the desert may be coming to us

It’s hard out there for an environmentally responsible but thirsty Angeleno —someone who wants to grow a couple organic tomatoes in the backyard, take more than an occasional shower and still have enough money to repair the rain barrel after paying the various water bills, fees and taxes. Measure W, which voters passed on Nov. 6, will help. But it won’t put an end to our water problems.

In a rare wildlife success story, the wild turkey population is exploding in California

Fearless in the face of humans, turkeys are appearing all over the state, and even in urban areas like Oakland.

Western Monarch Numbers Expected to Be Low this Year

By contributing your observations, you can assist with our understanding of this beloved butterfly species, and that information can ultimately help guide conservation efforts to preserve these stunning migrations for future generations.

4 ways to stop the deadly cycle of wildfires

There are at least four immediate steps we can take to stop, or at least slow down, the deadly cycle of fires.

My Journey to Create the Future of Plastic Recycling

Globally, only 9% of plastics produced are recycled; the rest is incinerated, landfilled, or exported to developing nations where they often enter marine habitats. At the current accumulation rate, the scientific community predicts there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050.  

How Does California’s Wildlife Cope With Massive Wildfires?

Researchers at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area are trying to better understand animal survival tactics.

How plants evolved to make ants their servants

Plants have evolved ways to make ants defend them from attacks and spread their seeds, and this new study shows how it happened.

Con­ser­va­tion areas help bird­life ad­apt to cli­mate change

A warming climate is pushing organisms towards the circumpolar areas and mountain peaks. A recently conducted study on changes in bird populations reveals that protected areas slow down the north-bound retreat of species.

Gray wolves once again running wild in California

The Santa Ynez Valley Natural History Society, with co-host Los Olivos Library, invites the public to learn more about the reintroduction and recovery of gray wolves in California and elsewhere in the West after nearly 90 years’ absence in the wild.


California loves its locally sourced meat and dairy, but conservationists claim the foodie trend can cause serious damage to the state’s grasslands.