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Diane Shader Smith

Can Desalination Be a Solution for Drought in SoCal?

As California scrambles to conserve water, desalination plants, facilities that use reverse osmosis filters to purify seawater and transform it into drinking water, have increasingly become part of the discussion.

Corpse plant ready to bloom at the Botanic Gardens

Find out what the stink is about

Outaouais research project to study impacts of invasive aquatic plant

Eurasian water-milfoil grows into a thick mat beneath the water’s surface and can be harmful to native plants

How stressed-out plants produce their own aspirin

Discovery could protect plants from climate change.

California looks at protections for new plant species

The endangered wildflower faces threats from cyclists, fire breaks and invasive species.

Tips for growing a healthy garden during drought

Many people try to save water just to do the right thing (and save money too). But when serious drought hits, and state and local governments enforce restrictions, water conservation becomes non-negotiable.

Beautiful native buckwheat is a winner for dry climates

California buckwheat, also called wild native buckwheat is one of the most versatile and drought-resistant of native plants.

New Studies Show Metropolitan’s Grass Removal Incentives Are Driving Transformation of Southern California’s Landscapes

More non-functional lawns removed through “multiplier effect”

Newsom signs nation’s most sweeping law to phase out single-use plastics and packaging waste

Striking a blow against a pernicious form of pollution, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law Thursday the nation’s most far-reaching restrictions on single-use plastics and packaging.

EPA Urged to Reject Carbon Capture Projects in Central California

The proposed projects would resurrect or prolong the life of polluting industrial facilities in predominantly low-income neighborhoods of color that already experience some of the worst air quality in the country.