GNG mentioned in September’s NatGeo!

September 1, 2022

The Gottlieb Native Garden is mention in September’s 2022 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The cover story In a warming climate, we need to radically rethink how we conserve nature focus on new strategies for conservation. From working on climate change, eliminating pollution and restoring ecosystems, there are many fronts in which to fight. As the article states Plants and animals need somewhere suitable to live.

And that’s where native garden habitats come in. In researching her NatGeo article, Emma Marris had a quick tour of the Gottlieb Native Garden where we discussed how much wildlife is supported by the GNG and all native gardens for that matter. She makes light of this in her article by referencing to my on-going species identification project.


Susan and I are huge advocates of the native garden/wildlife relationship and how the simple act of planting native plants can create a thriving ecosystem. It’s wonderful that Emma Marris came away with the same idea.

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