U.C. Davis Hummingbird Study

August 9, 2017

The U.C. Davis Hummingbird Crew (Lisa Tell and her team!) were in the yard once again, collecting data for an on-going study of California hummingbirds.  The GNG hummingbirds seemed to hold-up very nicely as they offered-up important information such as weight, measurements of beak, wings and tail and DNA for future analysis.  Once the data was complete on each bird, they were banded and released. So if you happen to notice a banded hummingbird in the LA area, please let us know. There is a good chance that it is a bird from this GNG study!

Adult male Allan's Hummingbird Adult male Allan’s Hummingbird

How do you weigh a hummingbird?  On a tiny scale of course!  This adult male Anna’s Hummingbird is being very cooperative during his weighing :-).  Click through to see a few more images from the day.

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