Empidonax, or Empid Flycatchers – Sometimes a Real ID Challenge

August 2, 2017

When it comes to the Empidonax group of flycatchers found in Southern California, the Pacific-slope Flycatcher is the easiest to identify. Empids can be a real challenge because, for the most part, they are all small yellowish birds with with buffy wingbars. The main feature (besides its call) that set PacSlopes apart from their kin is the white eye-ring that extends back behind its eye, creating a teardrop shape.  These neotropical birds will continue to be seen and heard in the GNG until late summer when they depart for their wintering grounds in Southern Mexico.

Pacific-slope Flycatcher - Empidonax difficilis Pacific-slope Flycatcher – Empidonax difficilis

Play the video below to see the really cool way Pacific-slope Flycatchers take their bath.  This bird is demonstrating some amazing skills! 

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