Voice of the Chaparral

May 14, 2017

The Wrentit is long-lived, year-round resident of coastal scrub and chaparral throughout the western US. Wrentits hold the distinction as being the most sedentary species of birds in North America, with an average territory of a couple hundred square yards. Pairs are exceedingly faithful to each other, forming a tight bond which normally lasts their lifetimes as they defend their territory for up to a dozen years. We know of 2 pairs of these interesting birds in the GNG, and the photo below is of one of the “southeast garden territory” birds.

Interesting fact:  it is not known how this species of bird made it to North America and to this day it perplexes scientist as to the family it belongs. It is neither a wren nor a tit, and is currently recognized as the sole North American representative of the family Old World babblers.

Wrentit - Chamaea fasciata Wrentit – Chamaea fasciata

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