A Yet to be Named Moth

February 6, 2016

We found and photographed this tiny moth a few months ago while attracting insects to a UV light in the GNG at night.  It was quickly identified as being in the Superfamily Tineidae, or fungus moths.  From there, we got to the Family Tineidae, then to the Subfamily Hieroxestinae and finally to the Genus Opogona.  But, as so many times it happens, we stalled at figuring out what species it is.  Then it came to light that this moth has yet to be fully described.  It turns out that it has been known to science for at least 6 years, but is still waiting for its classification and Latin name.  No need to travel to far-away places to find new species of animals; it just might happen in your own backyard.

Opogona new species - Opogona n-sp
Opogona new species – Opogona n-sp

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