The Naturalist’s Journal

What's Happening "Fauna-wise" in the Garden

As the Gottlieb Native Garden’s naturalist, Scott Logan documents the ever-changing array of wildlife species as they vary with the garden’s blooms, seasons and migratory patterns. While bringing these observations to life for all to experience, he also coordinates scientific research projects, and monitors the overall health and biodiversity of the garden. The Naturalist’s Journal also highlights the work the Gottliebs and Scott are doing to educate and inspire people to start gardening for wildlife with native plants.

Striped Skunk Sniffing Around

Southern California has a healthy population of skunks in and around urban areas. We all know encounters with skunks can prove costly in terms of baths and tomato sauce, but skunks do play an important role in a healthy ecosystem. Skunks feed on rodents and […]

Cedar Waxwings Arrive

If you have never seen a Cedar Waxwing in person I urge you to make the arrangements to do so. Books fall short in conveying this bird’s natural beauty. Waxwings are almost always found in groups, eating and congregating around fruiting shrubs during the winter […]

Red-Tailed Hawk with Prey

One of the several resident Red-Tailed Hawks with a fresh catch.

Allen’s Hummingbird Bath Party

Allen’s love to bath and when they do they don’t mind company.

Townsend’s Warbler Makes GNG Home

Winter time is an excellent opportunity to spot Townsend’s Warblers in the garden. With its black stripped yellow cap and highly detailed wings, one can see why Townsend’s are many native gardener’s favorites. During the day they can be found high in the Silky Oak […]

Winter Light Hummers

Winter provides Gottlieb Native Gardens with a special lighting for photographs. A light that comes across cool, yet warms some colors. Of course, this change in light is best realized in the natural world. These Allen hummingbirds get the point across beautifully! Allen Hummingbirds

Starting 2012 with a Mystery

Another year has passed at the garden and a new mystery has appeared amongst the shed Silky Oak leaves. While checking for owl pellets under large oak I noticed a bit of bone protruding from the leaf litter. After some digging with a near by […]