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Diane Shader Smith

Los Angeles Times

They say that beauty comes from within, but in the case of Susan Gottlieb, it seems to come from the world around her. She is, at 67, not pretty, not handsome, but storybook beautiful.

E The Environmental Magazine

In March 2008, the G2 Gallery of Los Angeles opened its doors to the public and introduced to Venice Beach the first of many wildlife photography exhibits. Owners Susan and Dan Gottlieb share a passion for photographing the natural world, and the couple has long been dedicated to the cause of conservation.

The New York Times

Susan Gottlieb has always considered herself a friend to animals, but her idea of friendship may go beyond the norm.

Los Angeles Times

Anyone handy with a saw and a staple gun can build a simple version of this outdoor fun park for felines, devised by Susan and Dan Gottlieb of Beverly Hills.

Huffington Post

“Native plants don’t just save water, they save species,” says Lisa Novick, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator with the Theodore Payne Foundation, an organization dedicated to encouraging the planting and cultivation of California native plant gardens.