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New research indicates that even after 40 years of recovery, fast-growing tropical forests in Brazil house far fewer species and sequester less carbon than their primary counterparts.

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California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation on Monday setting a goal of 100 percent renewable energy for the state by 2045. He also issued an executive order stating 2045 would be California’s target date for achieving carbon neutrality.


If your home has a garden in your home, then there’s a strong chance that you may play host to a number of unexpected visitors from time to time.

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City Plants is interested in understanding how residents feel about trees in the City of Los Angeles. A survey has been developed to inform the UFMP framework and we invite you to take part. › San Diego

Join us and visit two horticultural stars of Los Angeles: The Gottlieb Native Garden in Beverly Hills and the nearby Getty Center. Traveling by private motor coach, we will first visit The Gottlieb Native Garden, home to more than 200 hand-selected native plant species and nearly 400 documented wildlife species.

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What defines a native plant? This is a contentious subject. Some botanists and biologists believe that once a species has been in North America long enough it effectively becomes native.

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Spread out along a hillside near the Beverly Hills Hotel, Susan Gottlieb’s baseball-field-size home garden — dubbed the Gottlieb Native Garden — boasts more than 100 species of native plants and brims with wildlife activity.

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“National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii” G2 Gallery focuses on nature and wildlife photography, and this exhibit highlights photographs taken in national parks in Alaska and Hawaii. A concurrent show at the gallery includes photography of the Gottlieb Native Garden.

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Daniel Gottlieb chuckles thinking back to when he first showed his bride-to-be the house in the late 1980s. She looked at the back said, “It’s all covered with ivy. There’s nothing for the birds.”

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100 Years of National Parks: The West