Environmental News

A curated set of environmental news stories brought to you by the Gottlieb Native Garden team.


Diane Shader Smith

Pen in Hand: Deergrass: a beautiful California native that is woven into our history

For thousands of years, a beautiful and hardy species of bunchgrass grew in small meadows in the mountains and foothills of California, including in the Tehachapi Mountains. 

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

The Garden’s 78 acres encompass a variety of cultivated displays as well as stands of natural coast live oak and riparian woodlands.

Winter Speaker Series – DIY: How to Improve Human and Wildlife Coexistence as we Explore our Great Outdoors

As we head out boating, hiking, skiing, biking, sledding, and off-roading, what can it mean for moose and mountain goats, bears and beavers, wolverines and waterfowl if we boldly go everywhere, anytime, and by any means?

Thousands of native plants placed near Sacramento River

The organization River Partners teamed up with California State Parks and Butte County Resource Conservation District on Thursday to host a flood plain restoration and reforestation event.

Natural History & Care of Popular Houseplants

Explore the ecology, evolution, and care of some popular houseplants at this special event for our UCLA Botanical Garden Members!

Bee-friendly winter gardening | The Real Dirt

Just because its wintertime doesn’t mean that bees, which are important pollinators for our flowers, fruits and vegetables, don’t need food. Plants and shrubs can provide pollen, nectar or both to bees in our late winter and early spring.

In Search of the Elusive Johnson’s Hairstreak

Somewhat surprisingly, there are a few butterfly species that, in the Pacific Northwest, call these habitats home, including the thicket hairstreak and Johnson’s hairstreak. Both live in the treetops, their larvae munching away at sprigs of mistletoe. 

Plant Stories Trapped in Tar: Paleobotany at the La Brea Tar Pits

Explore the ancient ecosystems of Los Angeles with scientists Dr. Regan Dunn and Jessie George

Raven’s Favor

A Tale of Wild Communication: How a raven warned two hikers of a mama bear on their path. 

The Case for Wetlands in the Central Valley

Vital groundwater protections are needed for wetlands under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. They are the backbone of the Pacific Flyway, supporting 60% of California’s migratory birds.