Environmental News

A curated set of environmental news stories brought to you by the Gottlieb Native Garden team.


Diane Shader Smith

Plan to revive rivers pits SF against California

The rivers that once poured from the Sierra Nevada, thick with snowmelt and salmon, now languish amid relentless pumping, sometimes shriveling to a trickle and sparking a crisis for fish, wildlife and the people who rely on a healthy California delta.

Giving States More Power Over Endangered Species Could Be Bad News For Animals

Critics say shifting more control to states could dismantle protections for endangered species.

City celebrates addition of 176 acres of open space

With a red ribbon in place and large scissors in hand, the city of Santa Clarita celebrated Wednesday the addition of 176 acres to its nearly 10,000 acres of ensured open space.

Tangled web of issues complicates effort to protect Richardson Bay’s eelgrass

Illegal anchorages are destroying Richardson Bay’s eelgrass. Seems like a simple issue, right? Wrong.

Inspired by wildfires, Grass Valley plant sale features native plants for healing the land

The 2018 Redbud Native Plant Sale will be Saturday, Oct. 13 at North Star House in Grass Valley. Visitors will find native plants that can help heal the land in many ways, not only with post-fire recovery but also preventing erosion, retaining moisture, increasing the richness and workability of the soil, improving wildlife habitat and more.

Good News For Big Cats

Research shows well-managed logging concessions can benefit jaguar populations

California wild horses to be captured, activists fear slaughter

One thousand wild horses are to be rounded up in California by the U.S. Forest Service and animal rights activists fear hundreds of them could be sold for slaughter.

Teaching wild birds to sing a new tune

Like toddlers learning to speak, young birds learn to sing by listening to the voices of adults. Now, researchers have shown for the first time that they could teach young sparrows in the wild how to sing a new tune. The wild birds then passed the new songs on to the next generation.

Governor’s Biodiversity Actions Mark Unprecedented Call for Native Plant Protection

California Native Plant Society says actions are among the first to unambiguously emphasize the critical importance of saving California’s globally-important native plants.

Scientists urge greater protection of Brazil’s secondary forests

New research indicates that even after 40 years of recovery, fast-growing tropical forests in Brazil house far fewer species and sequester less carbon than their primary counterparts.