Environmental News

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Diane Shader Smith

California Moves a Step Closer to Ending Circus Suffering

Animal advocates are applauding lawmakers in California for moving the state a step closer to banning wild and exotic animals in circuses.

You can help Western Snowy Plovers on California beaches

There are several steps you can take to help this beautiful threatened bird. 

Rapid plant evolution driven by the interaction of pollination and herbivory

Many plants rely on animal pollinators to spread pollen and increase the genetic diversity of their offspring. However, there are trade-offs, because attracting pollinators may also attract herbivores and deterring predation may diminish floral displays

Ban of Fur Trapping Passes Key Hurdle in State Legislature

Assembly Bill 273, the Wildlife Protection Act of 2019, which would end the commercial fur trapping industry in California, cleared a key hurdle today when it passed the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee with a vote of 9 to 3.

Forage fish bill stands to make a huge difference for marine birds

Bipartisan Forage Fish Conservation Act is the next step toward safeguarding food for struggling seabirds. 

Feds Help California Condors Expand Into Historic West Coast Range

California condors will soon glide through the skies in Oregon, Nevada and Northern California, if a government plan to expand the birds’ range into their original territory becomes reality. 

Federal Government Partners With Yurok Tribe to Bring California Condor Back to Pacific Northwest

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Yurok Tribe of Northern California and National Park Service are taking the next big step in the condor’s recovery with a proposal to reintroduce America’s largest land bird to parts of the Pacific Northwest

UCLA students help Pacific island economies grow sustainably

Small island nations bear the brunt of climate change, from worsening typhoons to sea level rise. Fortunately, an ocean of potential resources surrounds them.

California’s Ocean Day: A Call for Healthy Oceans for All

A group of high school students boarded a bus at midnight, traveled for hours, and arrived at the Capitol of California early in the morning to speak with state representatives. The uncomfortable ride and lack of sleep did not hinder their goal to advocate for legislation that will support their communities and protect marine environments.

UCLA environmental plan can transform L.A

A futuristic, comprehensive environmental plan for Los Angeles has been drawn up at UCLA. It’s known as the Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge.