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Diane Shader Smith

See Majestic Photos of the Tallest Trees on Earth

From lush, windswept valleys to sapphire-blue coastline, California’s ancient forests are living fossils.

Tips for Native Plant Fun While Social Distancing

People are appreciating our natural world more than ever, though it’s a virtual enjoyment right now. Here are 10 tips for native plant enjoyment while staying at home.

Researchers Are Retracing the Steps of a Century-Old Expedition to See How California’s Birdlife Has Changed

In 1908, Joseph Grinnell began a 30-year project to document the state’s wildlife. Now, a modern resurvey of his study sites is yielding unprecedented insights into birds’ vulnerabilities and resilience.

SOU – the nation’s first Bee Campus – keeps its designation

Southern Oregon University – which collaborated with Bee City USA to develop guidelines for Bee Campus certification in 2015 – has been recertified as a Bee Campus USA for a fifth consecutive year.

California Mountain Lions Could Get Endangered Species Protection

Recent research shows these mountain lions, the last large carnivores in the region, could face extinction in less than 50 years.

How to Do a Bird Sit

A bird sit routine can be an anchor in your life, especially during turbulent times. The practice is like an outdoor meditation, with a focus on birds.

California red-legged frogs returned to historic range in Southern California

International partnership leads translocation, model for climate interventions

Innovative birds are less vulnerable to extinction

Ability to adopt new feeding techniques and food sources linked to reduced risk of extinction

What to plant in your urban garden for the birds, bees and butterflies

Landscape architect April Owens is on a mission to encourage people to think about their own yards, however grand or small, as way stations for winged wildlife.

Pollinator Connection: Be safe, bee home

Having a home, no matter the species, is so important — a home you know is always there, fits your size and your lifestyle, and keeps you and your family safe.