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Diane Shader Smith

7 Indigenous technologies changing landscapes

How age-old insights are saving the modern world from climate change

L.A. County taps UCLA to help create first-ever sustainability plan

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved an ambitious sustainability plan that calls for phasing out fossil fuels, deriving 80% of the county’s water from local sources and a host of other actions to address climate change and improve quality of life in the region.

California’s Wildfires May Be Too Much, Even for Fire-loving Woodpeckers

‘Megafires’ jeopardize the black-backed woodpecker’s habitat.

New Xerces Fact Sheet Takes a Deeper Look at Fungicides and Their Effects on Pollinators

Much of the public discussion about pesticide harm to bees has centered on insecticides—in particular, neonicotinoids.  Fungicides, on the other hand, have long been considered relatively harmless for bees. However, a number of recent studies are calling this assumption into question.

How conservation ranching is saving grassland birds

Regenerative grazing increases plant diversity and productivity with benefits for bees, butterflies and birds.

Fun with Harvester Butterflies, Part Two

UCLA’s Energy Atlas expands to provide consumption data for most of Southern California

Amid the drumbeat of apocalyptic environmental headlines, a team of UCLA researchers is laying meticulous groundwork for sustainable cities and towns.

Climate News Round-Up: The Power of Trees!

Why is photosynthesis relevant to climate change?

Allen’s Hummingbird and global warming

Audubon research projects that it will lose as much as 90% of its climate suitable breeding range in North America. In California, this is projected to mean a loss of more than 60% of its climate suitability range in California.

This Remote Corner Of Nevada Is One Of The Darkest Places In The World

 The title doesn’t come with any legal protections, but land managers do have to adopt a lighting policy that preserves the night sky.