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Diane Shader Smith

Battling invasive plants and diseases

Dogs can actually smell the bacteria that causes greening disease.

LIFE CDFW mailbag: Here’s what you can do to help backyard birds

The California Fish and Game Code (FGC) contains several sections outlining protections for birds, their eggs and nests.

Hashtag Red Tide: TikTok is all over Tampa Bay’s environmental crisis

Red Tide and fish kills are going viral as TikTokers share what’s happening in Tampa Bay on the social media platform.

Solar farms are often bad for biodiversity — but they don’t have to be

Yes, we can have solar energy and turtles, too.

‘Water supply alert’ issued for Southern California in response to drought

Metropolitan Water District’s declaration calls for a voluntary reduction in use, but mandatory restrictions could arise in the future.

Nonprofit teaches land­scapers and gardeners benefits of water-efficient native plants

Growing up in Los Angeles, Perez has always had a passion for plants and spending time outdoors, even working as an outdoor guide. But he took it to a whole new level this year after enrolling in a program that trains landscapers and gardeners to identify, grow and manage native plants.

California Drought: More Wild Animals Feeding In Backyards As Plants Dry Up In East Bay Parks

Within the East Bay Regional Parks it means wetlands and ponds are drying up and a lot of the native plants and trees are dying which takes a big toll on wildlife.

Ways to save water during the drought — and whether it’s worth doing at all

Letting the faucet run while you wash your face wasn’t what got us into the drought, so not doing that won’t singlehandedly get us out of it.

Inside the political battle to preserve a sprawling national forest in California

The proposed Range of Light National Monument could be a conservation game-changer.

Help your garden weather the heat

Most vegetables and native plants can withstand a periodic heatwave, but once the soil dries out in the top few inches, all plants can feel the stress.