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Diane Shader Smith

County terminates wildlife management contract

Coyotes are one of many species that have been killed by Wildlife Services during its time managing wildlife for Siskiyou County.

Letting California’s rivers run isn’t a ‘water grab’

Diversions from the Tuolumne, Merced and Stanislaus rivers affect the downstream ecology in the San Joaquin River, which they feed, as well as the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and the San Francisco Bay, which are saltier because they now have less freshwater to push back against the Pacific Ocean’s incursions.

Native Plants and Climate Change

California’s unique plant biodiversity and the ecosystems upon which it depends are especially vulnerable to the effects of climate change. It is estimated that approximately 66 percent of California’s endemic plant species will experience decreases of up to 80 percent in the size of their ranges within the next 100 years

Top 25 Birds that Scavenge

Scavengers, in particular the vultures, are facing immense challenges due to poisoning, habitat transformation and persecution. As a result 16 out of the 22 vulture species in the world are listed as ‘at risk’ on the IUCN RedList.

California Groundwater Law Means Big Changes Above Ground, Too

The state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act is likely to result in fallowing thousands of acres of farmland. Local governments are just waking up to the big opportunities, and risks, in how that land gets reused.

Biodiversity Is In Free Fall. Here’s How We Can Fix It.

The tropics are Earth’s life support system. Start there.

Predatory sea corals team up to feed on stinging jellyfish

California’s Birds Are Testing New Survival Tactics on a Vast Scale

Retracing the steps of a century-old wildlife survey, ecologists find that birds are making remarkable adaptations to climate change.


Conflict over the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta has played out over decades of back-and-forth between regulators and farmers.

What Do Wild Animals Do in Wildfires?

Big wildfires, like those tearing through Northern California, can hurt some animals—while others escape, and some species even thrive.