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Diane Shader Smith

The Southern California wildflower hotline is standing by for your calls

Fun bonus, actor Joe Spano of “NCIS” and “Hill Street Blues” fame is the voice of the Wildflower Hotline.

Branching out on the Carrizo Plain

Driving slowly along Soda Lake Road in the Carrizo Plain National Monument, I noticed a flash of a four-legged critter 50 yards away to the west. An endangered San Joaquin kit fox had just dived into its grassland den.

In Show of Bipartisanship, House Approves a Sweeping Land Conservation Bill

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed its first significant public lands conservation bill in years, designating more than one million acres of wilderness for environmental protection and permanently reauthorizing a federal program to pay for conservation measures.

Wildlife and off-roaders gain room to roam in California’s new desert protection act

In the latest round of a 25-year battle to save the California desert, House lawmakers approved a sweeping conservation bill Tuesday that designates more terrain for wildlife and off-roaders alike and sets the stage for a final signature by President Trump.

Co-Existing with Wildlife

With a population of over 10 million and an area of over 4700 square miles, Los Angeles is a densely packed metropolis. As people flock to the area for its beautiful beaches, phenomenal weather and scenic landscapes, they come in greater and greater contact with animals.

Seasonal Tree Trimming

When to trim your trees so that the birds are not harmed.

SF weather will feel like LA in 60 years

Climate researchers say future warming will turn NorCal into something more like contemporary SoCal

Expressing a passion for birds through art

Audubon California supporter Mark Cappellano is sharing his drawings of birds with the world.

It can take a decade for species endangered by wildlife trade to get protection

In just a decade, the number of black-winged myna birds found in the species’ home range in Indonesia has declined by more than 80%. 

Why insect populations are plummeting—and why it matters

Monarch butterflies winter in the Chincua Mountains in Mexico, and like many other insects, they have declined due to land-use changes.