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Diane Shader Smith

Will mainstreaming traditional Chinese medicine threaten wildlife?

Conservationists worry that an upcoming World Health Organization decision may endanger animals.

UW Researchers Explore Genetics of California Mountain Lions to Inform Future Conservation

Fragmentation of wildlife populations is increasing on a global scale, and understanding current genetic structure, genetic diversity and genetic connectivity is key to informing future wildlife management and conservation.

Paper outlines how L.A. County can adapt its water supply for climate change

UCLA report calls for conservation, policy and infrastructure improvements.

Bears enjoy Christmas dinner at Southwest Wildlife

The feast included candy canes, Christmas stockings, milk and cookies, presents and a Cornish game hen.

Santa Cruz dump, a wildlife haven, is a treat for birdwatchers

The sun had just risen, but its warm rays hadn’t yet crept into the bottom of the canyon. The air was crisp and clean. Birds rustled in the trees and brush around the pond in the canyon’s depths.

Our Plastic Addiction Has Reached A New Crisis Level

At this point, recycling won’t save us. But there are some other scientific innovations that might.

How can students help to save the climate?

Climate change is one of the biggest controversial debates among experts and politicians these days. The debate has become a hotter topic among college students after experts recently shared concerns, warning that the climate is changing very fast.

Plants’ defense against insects is a bouquet

Researchers have revealed how the mixture of chemical weapons deployed by plants keeps marauding insects off base better than a one-note defense. This insight goes beyond the ecological convention of studying a single chemical compound a plant is packing and offers new ways to approach agricultural pest management.

What they’re reading: 2018 Pritkzer Award candidates book recommendations

We’re proud of all our Pritzker candidates – the work they have done, and will continue to do. Here’s what they’re reading:

Call Them Canna-Bees. How Cannabis Helps Bees and Vice Versa.

The relationship between bees and cannabis is making headlines in both the scientific and entrepreneurial world. And it just may be a match made in heaven.