The Naturalist’s Journal

What's Happening "Fauna-wise" in the Garden

As the Gottlieb Native Garden’s naturalist, Scott Logan documents the ever-changing array of wildlife species as they vary with the garden’s blooms, seasons and migratory patterns. While bringing these observations to life for all to experience, he also coordinates scientific research projects, and monitors the overall health and biodiversity of the garden. The Naturalist’s Journal also highlights the work the Gottliebs and Scott are doing to educate and inspire people to start gardening for wildlife with native plants.

White-lined Sphinx Moths

This year’s second generation of  White-lined Sphinx Moths are already emerging from their buried pupa and can be seen flying during both the day and night.

Mule Deer Fawns

These siblings are the youngest fawns we’ve ever seen in the garden – they can’t be more than a few days old.  Urban wildlife CUTE OVERLOAD!

Western Tanager Migration

We have dozens of Western Tanagers in the yard right now – spring migration is still going strong!!

Unusual Striped Skunk

Sometimes you are able to pick-out some unique marking on an animal that allows you to identify it as an individual.  This beautiful Striped Skunk’s fur coloration makes it easy to distinguish from other skunks and is an old friend of the garden, hunting grubs for […]

Oak Titmouse with Caterpillar

A sure sign that you have a nest in your yard is continually seeing a bird carrying insects in its beak. Most all small birds feed their young insects, even if they are seed eaters like finches.  We have been watching an Oak Titmouse couple collecting insects […]

Baja California Tree Frogs

This has been a really good season for Baja Tree Frogs in the GNG.  We have had the on and off for years, but with the abundant rain this year the have been plentiful.  A stream runs through the canyon below creating good habitat for California’s “chorus” […]

Forster’s Terns

It was a nice surprise to see pair of terns over the garden today. Forster’s Terns are on the move from coastal waters where they have been wintering, to marshy areas inland where they breed. During breeding season, they can be found practically over the […]

8 Species of Bats have now been Positively identified!

We have 8 species of bats visiting the garden on a regular basis, and are now working on vetting the 9th.  Clearly, the diversity of flying insects supported by the diversity our native plants is making a diverse group of mammals very happy!   The […]

A Recent Red-tailed Hawk Addition

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk has claimed new territory, and the GNG has become its base camp. There is a pair of adult red-tails that occasionally hunt in the garden, but they seem to be leaving this juvenile alone, allowing it to hunt un-harassed (un-harassed by […]

First Native Bee for the 2019 Season!

It’s official – our first 2019 native bee species to be seen in the garden is the Black-tailed Bumble Bee! Surely a queen, this bee was busy collecting pollen to start her new colony. With all of the rain we’ve having, I hope she found […]