9th Species of bat confirmed

May 25, 2020

Two of our ultrasonic recorders captured calls from a bat that I didn’t recognize and I knew right away that we had a new species. The sonograms indicated that there was a good chance the calls came from a Western Mastiff Bat. I sent the recordings to West Ecosystems Analysis to be vetted, and sure enough my findings were confirmed.  We are now up to nine species of bats using the insects from the garden as a food source.

Sonogram of our Western Mastiff Bat – Eumops perotis

Below, listed in the order of abundance, are the species of bats documented in the garden.

  1. Hoary batLasiurus cinereus 
  2. Yuma MyotisMyotis yumanensis
  3. Canyon batParastrellus Hesperus
  4. Brazilian free-tailed batTadarida brasiliensis
  5. Big Brown batEptesicus fuscus
  6. California myotisMyotis californicus
  7. Western red batLasiurus blossevillii
  8. Southern yellow bat Lasiurus xanthinus
  9. Western mastiff bat Eumops perotis

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