The Gottlieb Native Garden

a california love story

The Gottlieb Native Garden is a flourishing ecosystem belonging to Susan and Dan Gottlieb, friends of flora and fauna and devoted environmental philanthropists. With more than 100 hand-selected plant species and hundreds of animal species, the backyard is a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and a Xerces Society-designated Pollinator Habitat.

Sonoran Bumble Bee Flies-off with a Load of Pollen

Sonoran bumble bees have declined severely in their Northern California range and is no longer detected at sites where it was once abundant. It can still be found in Southern California but numbers have also decreased in recent years, probably due to habitat loss.  As its name implies, Bombus sonorus is the most common bumble bee found in intact habitats of the Sonoran deserts.

Sonoran bumble bee - Bombus sonorus ♀