The Gottlieb Native Garden

a california love story

The Gottlieb Native Garden is a flourishing ecosystem belonging to Susan and Dan Gottlieb, friends of flora and fauna and devoted environmental philanthropists. With more than 100 hand-selected plant species and hundreds of animal species, the backyard is a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and a Xerces Society-designated Pollinator Habitat.

Native Bees are Busy in the Garden

As this sweat bee collects California Poppy pollen to provision her nest, she is pollinating each poppy flower she visits.  The plant is insured fertilization and the bee’s larvae a food source.  She will create a mass of pollen and nectar inside a waterproof underground cell, lay an egg on it and then seal off the cell. The larvae will then consume the entire concoction, pupate, and eventually emerge as an adult bee.

California Poppy - Eschscholzia californica and Sweat Bee - Halibuts tripartitus