The Gottlieb Native Garden

a california love story

The Gottlieb Native Garden is a flourishing ecosystem belonging to Susan and Dan Gottlieb, friends of flora and fauna and devoted environmental philanthropists. With more than 100 hand-selected plant species and hundreds of animal species, the backyard is a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and a Xerces Society-designated Pollinator Habitat.

Parrots in Beverly Hills?

Yellow-chevroned parakeets are native to the tropical forests of South America, not neighborhoods in Southern California! But over time caged birds have been released or escaped forming self-sustaining populations in the Los Angeles basin.  Like many other feral parrot species thriving in L.A., Yellow-chevroned parakeets feed mostly on exotic seeds, fruits, flower blossoms and nectar from non-native plants and trees. 

Yes, the GNG still has some non-native plants on the property. But because these Australian silk oaks - Grevillea robusta offer so much to wildlife (we have seen over 40 species of birds use them in one way or another) it’s hard to consider the removal of these life-giving trees. 

Yellow-chevroned parakeet - Brotogeris chiriri