The Gottlieb Native Garden

a california love story

The Gottlieb Native Garden is a flourishing ecosystem belonging to Susan and Dan Gottlieb, friends of flora and fauna and devoted environmental philanthropists. With more than 100 hand-selected plant species and hundreds of animal species, the backyard is a National Wildlife Federation-certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and a Xerces Society-designated Pollinator Habitat.

Firefly in the Gottlieb Native Garden

This male Pterotus obscuripennis, a firefly (fireflies are actually beetles) found in California, does not emit light flashes like its eastern cousin - it is the female of this species who has light organs that can emit a luminescent glow. But she never goes through metamorphosis and retains a larval appearance all the way into adulthood.  Californians always have to do things their own way…

Firefly - Pterotus obscuripennis ♂