Coyotes Find Trouble

January 17, 2013

As you may know, coyotes seem to get into trouble when encountering urban spaces. All to often they are to blame for missing pets and raided trash cans with little proof they are the culprits. Many don’t understand the role they play in insuring your garden’s natural balance.

GNG sees the importance of all native species and has been monitoring our local coyote pack for over the past year and a half. It has consistently been three members – the first video shows all of the pack members together. The second video below shows a lone coyote walking the concrete brim with an obvious broken leg. Such a clip is very sobering to see after reviewing hundreds of videos displaying healthy fauna running around our property. Though it is tough to say how he hurt himself we have a hunch a car might be involved. We are also trying to determine if it is one of our three or perhaps a newcomer.

Currently, we reaching out to see if anyone is willing to help this poor animal and will continue to monitor for his return. We will be sure to keep everyone updated.

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